Dolly Wanjiku

Dolly Wanjiku


What was your/is goal?

My goal was/ is mainly to get into a better healthier condition than the one I have been in for years. My doctor suggested that it would help with my high blood pressure. Being almost 43 yrs old and hardly doing any exercises surely takes its toll on you.

From there I can add to lose fat and lose weight (like most people). To increase strength and get into some shape other than the ‘Michelin man’ look.

-How did Shane help you with that?

On our first meeting, Shane and I discussed my goals, my health history any injuries and my nutrition. Bearing my feedback in mind Shane was able to provide the right fitness regime and detailed nutrition advice and structured diet that was easy to follow.  One of the things I really failed in apart form not getting myself to the gym was being too lazy to follow a diet as I found them complicated and too time consuming and you would have to go to the end of the earth to find some ingredients. The diet that Shane advised me to have catered for all my needs and I could just get it in my local supermarket.

-How did you experience Shane as a coach?

My experience with Shane as a coach has helped me to transition my thinking to a life of health and wellness. Shane was a great match for me. He constantly explains how the body is affected and this makes me understand my body more.

Working one on one with Shane was and still is a wonderful experience. I must say he sure can make you sweat with a smile.

-How did you experience the trainings sessions?

My training experience with Shane have quite a journey. He helped me outline my specific goals and guided me towards them without pushing too hard. It was a very personal journey for me from the get-go. Due to Shane’s very easy and down to earth personality, I enjoy the trainings very much as he always has a smile, and a great sense of humour. But don’t let that fool you, the guy does NOT back down to how many sets or weights or number of push ups I need to do even if I whine. Every session we have had has left me exhausted and yet rejuvenated and ready to ‘rule the world!’

Shane has never once cancelled a session (sometimes I secretly hoped he would after a rough night of course) and for that reason I have also always felt guilty to cancel or when i did have to cancel.

-Would you advise people to work with the services of SPARK?

I would definitely advise people to work with the services of SPARK. I have met 2 of their members and they are extremely talented and inspiring people who are there to guide you, ensuring that each move is maximised and reaching its full potential, and most importantly, they are there to prevent you from giving up half way through a session. Look at me, I now prefer to look at fitness magazines instead of beauty magazines. Given up my pretty nails for boxing gloves! Last but not least my family consists of my husband and 2 sporty teenage boys who are now extremely proud of me for making this lifestyle change!


Start: 8 januari 2016                               Einde: 1 juni 2016

Borst: 110cm                                            107cm

Linkerarm: 33cm                                     31cm

Rechterarm: 34cm                                  32cm

Taile: 101cm                                               95cm

Linkerbeen: 63cm                                   60,5cm

Rechterbeen: 63,5cm                             61cm